Insurance Information

We do not accept insurance, however we do provide you with a super bill that you can turn into your insurance company. Medicare, Medicaid, and HMO’s do not cover the cost of treatment, however many PPO’s will cover at least a portion of your treatment (usually 80%). If you have a Flex Medical or Health Savings Account those accounts should cover your costs. If insurance is an issue, I would suggest that you check with your human resources department or the insurance company directly to ascertain coverage.

Insurance policies greatly differ as to the extent of prescription coverage or whether certain medications will be covered at all. On the back of your insurance card or prescription card you will find a telephone number for customer service. Call that number and ask for the address of where to send your receipt for prescription reimbursement. Send them the receipt for your examination and medication (the ‘Superbill’ that we provide to you). Be sure to retain a copy for your records.

The amount of your reimbursement will vary due to the conditions and terms of your individual policy. Your insurance company will tell you whether they will cover the cost of a physician exam for erectile dysfunction and/or medications.